1. Visit https://app.renzoprotocol.com/withdrawals and connect your wallet

  2. Select “Withdraw” or “Instant”

“Withdraw” requires a minimum 3 day cooldown period whereas “Instant” uses the Balancer DEX on ETH Mainnet to swap ezETH for ETH. Please note that while swaps offer near-instant conversion into ETH and are often cheaper than withdrawals, there are risks associated with swaps.

  1. After selecting “Withdraw”, select the collateral asset you’d like to withdraw

  1. Enter the amount of ezETH you’d like to withdraw, or alternatively, the amount of the given collateral asset you’d like to receive

  1. If there isn’t enough collateral available to withdraw, select another asset or check back in an hour

  1. Review the transaction, and confirm

After clicking “Confirm Transaction”, the screen will change to say “Sending Allowance Request”. At this point, confirm the transaction in your wallet.

After confirming the allowance request, the screen will change to say “Sending Confirmation Request”. Please confirm the confirmation request in your wallet app.

  1. After you confirm, the claim has been submitted for cooldown

  1. View your claim status at the bottom of the page

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