Renzo is a strategy manager and liquid restaking token provider for both EigenLayer and Symbiotic. Renzo's $ezETH and $pzETH serve as the interface to the EigenLayer and Symbiotic ecosystems, respectively. The mission of $ezETH and $pzETH is to secure Actively Validated Services by restaking and offer a higher return than just ETH staking.

Renzo Protocol abstracts all complexity away from the end-user. Renzo users no longer have to worry about:

  • Node operation: setting up and operating hardware to meet the standards set by AVSs

  • Strategy management: choosing which AVSs to secure for optimal risk-reward returns

  • Smart contract interfacing: interacting with on-chain smart contracts to restake properly

Renzo strongly advocates for permissionless innovation on Ethereum, and programmatically acquiring trust for the ecosystem. Renzo is built to promote the widespread adoption of these technologies and the platforms that facilitate them, like EigenLayer and Symbiotic.

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