Renzo ezPoints

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Renzo points are meant to reward users who contribute to the success of the protocol. Starting with the Renzo Beta mainnet launch on December 18th, 2023, every participant in the Renzo ecosystem will receive points. The number of points will vary on the time duration and nature of participation.

The first way of receiving points will be by holding ezETH. Renzo rewards every participant that mints or holds ezETH in their wallet. ezETH holders receive 1 Renzo ezPoint per hour for every ezETH they hold. In addition, users will receive boosts for early participation.

!! Important !!

Looping — i.e. using the same ezETH to generate rewards multiple times by selling ezETH for ETH to repeat the process is strictly prohibited. Our system will be monitoring this and void you from the Boost and your ezPoints.

Referral system: Receive extra ezPoints when you invite other users who deposit ETH.

Referral tracking for L2 deposits will not be triggered until an initial deposit is made on Ethereum Mainnet by the referred user.

  1. For each person who joins Renzo using your referral link, will earn an additional 10% of the referred users points. Example: If you refer to a user who earns 1,000 ezPoints you will earn 10% or 100 ezPoints for referring that user.

  2. The key factor for earning these extra points is deposits made by the person you've invited. The more they deposit, the more ezPoints you accumulate.

  3. The system is cumulative, meaning the more people you invite and who actively use, deposit ETH, on Renzo, the greater the number of ezPoints you can earn.

**Renzo does not support referral tracking for users who swap ETH to ezETH**

For questions related to EigenLayer Points, ezPoints, and DEXs, please see Renzo FAQs

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