Q: Is $ezETH purchased on a DEX qualified to earn EigenLayer points and ezPoints?

A: Yes, $ezETH accumulates EigenLayer Points and ezPoints at a 1:1 ratio regardless of where it is held. However, EigenLayer Points only accumulate on the $ezETH portion of your DEX LP.

Q: Do LPs earn EigenLayer Points 1:1?

A: No, users earn EigenLayer points on the $ezETH portion of their DEX LP, and they earn 2x ezPoints on their entire LP position.

Q: What is the boosted amount of ezPoints available to DEX LPs?

A: Users who supply liquidity to the $ezETH/WETH 50/50 Balancer Pool or the PT-ezETH/SY Pendle Pool receive 4x ezPoints Boosted.

For EigenLayer Restaking points, the pool can only accumulate 1 point per hour per $ezETH in the pool. This will get redistributed pro-rata to the LPs.

For Renzo ezPoints, LPs receive 2x the value in the pool per hour. The pool will accumulate 2 points per $ezETH or wETH per hour held in the pool. This will get redistributed pro-rata to the LPs.

Q: Do EigenLayer and Renzo points accrue when LP is unstaked and/or staked?

A: No matter where $ezETH is held, it accrues EigenLayer and ezPoints, if ezETH is unstaked or staked, rewards still follow the ezETH.

Q: How do I earn veBAL or incentives on the $ezETH/WETH pool as an Liquidity Provider?

A: LPs looking to earn veBAL protocol emissions (BAL + stablecoins) are required to stake their LP tokens in exchange for BPTs (Balancer Pool Tokens). These tokens represent the underlying LP position ($ezETH/WETH).

Staking LP tokens on the $ezETH/WETH pool begins January 24th, 2024. APYs will be calculated and presented through the Balancer front end.

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