How do I claim my $REZ?

Users can visit claim.renzoprotocol.com to claim their $REZ beginning on April 30th, 2024.

**Note: this is the ONLY official Renzo claim link. If in doubt, please visit renzoprotocol.com and proceed to the “Claim” tab directly. In the interest of caution, do not click on any links from third parties claiming to be associated with Renzo.

What is the minimum amount of ezPoints required to be eligible for the distribution?

Users must hold a minimum of 360 ezPoints to be considered eligible for the distribution

Do I continue earning rewards after the 26th of April if I participated in Season 1?

Yes, a user's eligibility is based on the ezPoints balance in their wallet at time of snapshot. Season 1 users will continue to automatically earn ezPoints as long as they maintain their $ezETH balance in their wallets or in any of Renzo’s DeFi integrations that we have announced partnerships with.

Can I participate in Season 2 if I’m not eligible for Season 1 distributions?

Yes, users who did not participate in Season 1 will be able to accumulate points and participate in Season 2.

What is $REZ distribution for the community in Season 1 & Season 2?

The community will receive a total 32% allocation of $REZ token, with 7% distribution allocated to Season 1 participants and an 5% distribution allocated to Season 2 participants

Why do smaller wallets receive no vesting conditions?

For users with a smaller wallet balance we wanted to acknowledge the higher gas fees required to participate in Renzo and minimize friction for users.

Is all my $REZ subject to vesting?

Only the largest wallets holding greater than 500k ezPoints will be subject to a 50% unlock at TGE and 50% linear vesting over 3 months.

If I hold more than 500k ezPoints can I claim in one lump sum, or do I need to claim every month after my vested tokens have unlocked e.g. 50% vested unlocked linearly each month, do I need to claim each month, or can I claim at the end of 3-months?

Vesting is in tranches, after every 30 days the next tranche is unlocked. If a users wants to wait until 90 days, then all REZ tokens will be unlocked and claimable.

If I accumulated points via DeFi integrations, will my $ezETH still be accounted for?

Yes, as long as you’re participating in the $ezETH ecosystem (i.e. deposits in any of the Renzo DeFi integrations), you are allowed to move your $ezETH between DeFi protocols.

If I sold my $ezETH before snapshot on April 26th, will I still be eligible for Season 1 distribution?

Yes, if a user sells their $ezETH before the snapshot and satisfies the minimum ezPoints criteria described above, they will remain eligible for the Season 1 distribution.

If I held Pendle YT positions that expire at 00:00 UTC on April 25th, will I still be eligible for the distribution?

Yes, all Pendle YTs are eligible for distribution as long as they satisfy the minimum ezPoints criteria.

With regards to holding eligible NFTs for distribution allocation, is the eligibility per NFT held or per wallet?

The distribution allocated to NFTs will be distributed evenly amongst all NFT holders based on their share of the NFTs.

What is the NFT distribution portion that is eligible to claim the distribution? 0.1% of total REZ token supply has been allocated to the two NFT collections below:

Will the distribution occur on Ethereum Mainnet, how long will I remain eligible to claim?

Yes, all eligible $ezETH holders will be able to claim their $REZ on Ethereum Mainnet on April 30th, 2024 and will remain eligible for the 30-days that occur following the distribution open date

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