Actively Validated Services

Several protocols have already expressed interest in joining the Eigenlayer AVS ecosystem. Let's take a closer look at some of the prominent AVSs.

  • EigenDA: This AVS is being developed by EigenLabs. It focuses on hyperscale data availability for any execution layer. EigenDA is designed to scale with each added node, which helps to reduce the overall load from Eigenlayer Node operators. Notable EigenDA adopters include Celo, Mantle, Fluent and more.

  • Espresso Systems: Creating a shared sequencer that enables rollup decentralization, improved interoperability, and a scalable DA layer. Espresso captures value through cross-rollup MEV. The project is backed by Yale's Ben Fisch and investors like Greylock and Sequoia.

  • Lagrange: Known for ZK-powered cross-chain messaging using state committee, leveraging EigenLayer restaking for dynamic scaling of state proof security.

  • Omni Network: It is an L1 built using Cosmos SDK for cross-rollup messaging. It provides cheaper transaction fees and fast-finality. They are supported by a Harvard-origin team and investors such as Pantera.

  • Blockless: Delivers ZK verifiable serverless functions, optimizing decentralized applications. It uses EigenLayer to secure transaction consensus.

  • Hyperlane: Employs EigenLayer to safeguard interchain application developers' messages from Ethereum using restaked economic security.

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