Renzo launched its beta mainnet to the public on 18th December 2023. The app allows users to deposit native ETH, wBETH, or stETH (LSTs) and get access to EigenLayer Restaked points. Renzo runs a distributed Ethereum validator infrastructure powered by Figment,, and Luganodes to enable unrestricted participation on Eigenlayer.

Restake allows users to deposit ETH and earn EigenLayer restaking points.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to deposit ETH or LSTs with Renzo and receive $ezETH:

  1. Connect Wallet

  1. Switch to Ethereum Mainnet

  1. Select an asset from the list and confirm you want to Restake. Review the tx and confirm it.

  1. Enter the asset amount you wish to Restake, check amount & click confirm.

  1. Review transaction and confirm it.

  1. Confirm on your wallet

  1. After you click on Confirm, the transaction is submitted and you can check Etherscan

  1. Go to the Portfolio tab to view your earned your EigenLayer Restaked points and staking rewards

Transfers of ezETH are enabled, making EigenLayer participation instantly liquid

Withdrawals are live as of Q2 2024

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