$EIGEN Staking


We're excited to announce that $EIGEN claims will be live for most Renzo users on Friday, May 10th who are part of the Season 1 Phase 1 Stakedrop! Additionally information for Season 1 Phase 2 can be found here https://blog.eigenfoundation.org/announcement/.

  1. Claim on the Foundation Site: Users should claim their tokens on the Foundation Site at https://claims.eigenfoundation.org/ starting Friday, May 10th.

  2. Stake $EIGEN on the Renzo App https://app.renzoprotocol.com/portfolio

  3. Receive ezPoint 100 ezPoints for every 100 $EIGEN staked with Renzo

Note: LSTs or tokens other than $EIGEN that are staked to Renzo's public operator will not receive any ezPoints or EigenLayer points.

How to Stake $EIGEN

We are proud to announce that we are partnering with P2P to provide users access to easy $EIGEN staking through Renzo. Renzo makes staking your $EIGEN ez while P2P.org ensures validator infrastructure uptime and manages associated risks of securing EigenDA

  • Step 1: Visit the Portfolio page of the Renzo dapp to stake your $EIGEN

  • Step 2: Select the "Stake" button next to the $EIGEN token

  • Step 3: Approve the amount of $EIGEN that you would like to stake into Renzo

  • Step 4: Confirm the amount of $EIGEN token to Stake & Confirm transaction in wallet

  • Step 5: Stake & Confirm transaction in wallet

Once your transaction has been confirmed, you can visit the EigenLayer app to view "your delegated balances" in Renzo's $EIGEN staking operator, operated by P2P: https://app.eigenlayer.xyz/operator/0xb585cb192855253d33ddbdac2d20f50085ef8d41.

That is it, you have successfully staked your $EIGEN! Your ezPoints will be visible in the Portfolio section of the Renzo app.

Additional Information

  1. $EIGEN staking is different from $ETH restaking and users will NOT receive $ezETH.

  2. Any EigenLayer Points or $EIGEN rewards received from $EIGEN staking will be distributed to $EIGEN stakers in addition to any $ezETH rewards. More information will be provided when there’s additional guidance from EigenLayer.

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