$EIGEN Staking FAQs

What Renzo DeFi integrations are not included in EigenLayer Season 1, Phase 1?

Although not 100% confirmed, Renzo believes the following integrations are unresolved and will be addressed for Season 1, Phase 2 Pendle- Ethereum, Balancer, Blackwing, Aura, Pendle- Arbitrum.

What is the one-time ezPoints bonus for users who stake their $EIGEN with Renzo?

Users who stake their $EIGEN with Renzo receive 100 ezPoints for every 100 $EIGEN, pro-rata that they stake. This means that users who stake 1 $EIGEN will receive 1 ezPoint. The $EIGEN staking boost is a one-time boost, meaning users do not continue earning ezPoints for their staked $EIGEN.

What are the benefits of staking $EIGEN with Renzo?

Renzo not only makes it easy for users, abstracting away the operator selection, but we also give additional incentives in the form of ezPoints and in the future will be able to enable additional functionality.

Is there a difference between staking $EIGEN directly through EigenLayer versus Renzo?

Users who stake their $EIGEN directly through EigenLayer will not receive a boost to their ezPoints.

How is $EIGEN staking different from $ETH restaking?

$EIGEN token is non-transferable, and thus users can only claim and stake their $EIGEN securing EigenDA and additional AVSs in the future.

Can I stake $EIGEN with Renzo if I restaked directly with EigenLayer?

Yes, however users will first have to undelegate their $ETH or LST from EigenLayer which can take up to 7 days. Once unstaked, user needs to:

  • Stake their $EIGEN with Renzo and they’ll be able to restake their $ETH or LST with Renzo as well. The undelegation step is required because $EIGEN is non transferable and a wallet address can only delegate to 1 restaking operator address.

Can I unstake / withdraw my $EIGEN?

Yes, users keep custody of $EIGEN. To unstake $EIGEN user needs to go to the EigenLayer app and select Renzo’s $EIGEN Staking operator. Any unstaking cooldown periods are determined by EigenLayer https://app.eigenlayer.xyz/operator/0xb585cb192855253d33ddbdac2d20f50085ef8d41

How long is the Withdrawal period for $EIGEN?

For $EIGEN stakers, the withdrawal and cooldown period will take up to 7 days - this is determined by EigenLayer.

If I stake, unstake and then restake my $EIGEN (loop my $EIGEN), will I be able to receive an additional deposit boost?

No, users who attempt to loop their $EIGEN will be penalized and will not receive their ezPoints bonus.

I see my earned EigenLayer points on the Renzo dashboard, but when going to the EigenLayer claiming page, it says I'm not eligible. What happened?

EigenLayer is responsible for distributing $EIGEN tokens to LRT holders and Restakers. Renzo has no way to check if a user is eligible for $EIGEN token claims based on a user’s EigenLayer points.

Note: Eligibility depends on certain factors, and the Season 1 snapshot date was March 15th, 2024. $EIGEN distribution has 2 phases described in the following article: https://docs.eigenfoundation.org/faq/season-1

Will $EIGEN rewards received from $EIGEN staking be distributed to $EIGEN stakers?

Yes, Renzo passes 100% of restaked or staking points off to its users.

What will the Eigenlayer points in the Renzo DApp be used for?

EigenLayer points will continue to accrue to users who are holding or participating in DeFi with $ezETH. EigenLayer points are used as a point of reference for Renzo to share with OpenBlock.

Will I receive ezPoints if I stake tokens other than $EIGEN to Renzo’s public node operator?

LSTs or tokens other than $EIGEN that are staked to Renzo's public operator P2P will not receive any ezPoints or EigenLayer points.

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