$REZ Staking

$REZ staking allows users to stake their $REZ and boost their ezPoints based on staking and Renzo ecosystem activity.

A. Season 1 ezPoint Boost

Info: All Season 1 users will receive a 10% boost on their total ezPoints balance at the end of Season 2. No minimum ezPoints requirement.

B. Season 2 Baseline: $REZ Staking

Info: All users who stake $REZ get 1 ezPoint for every 5,000 $REZ staked per hour prorata

Example 1: Staking 5k $REZ = 1 ezPoint per hour Example 2: Staking 2.5k $REZ = .5 ezPoints per hour

C. $REZ Airdrop Hodler Boost

Info: If a user's daily average staked $REZ position over the course of Season 2 is equal or greater than 100% of what was received from the Season 1 airdrop, users get a 50% boost on their total ezPoints balance. Users have the duration of Season 2 to increase their daily average $REZ staking balance to meet boost requirements.

Example: User received 100 $REZ from Season 1 airdrop, user's daily average staked $REZ position over the course of Season 2 is 100 $REZ or more, user gets a 50% boost on their total ezPoint balance.


  • Start / End Date: The start date for calculating daily average $REZ staked begins on May 22nd, 2024 and will run until the end of Season 2

  • Unstaking / Cooldown: Users can unstake their $REZ tokens at any time, but doing so will stop the accumulation of ezPoints. A 7-day cooldown period must be initiated and observed before unstaking $REZ tokens.

**Note Boosts cannot be combined, community members qualify for the biggest boost**

How to Stake $REZ?

Starting May 22nd, 2024, users that stake $REZ on Renzo will be able to receive ezPoints and boosts for staking $REZ throughout Season 2!

  • Step 1: Visit: https://app.renzoprotocol.com/stake to stake your $REZ

  • Step 2: Enter the amount of $REZ you would like to stake

  • Step 3: Approve the amount of $REZ that you would like to stake

  • Step 4: Confirm the amount of $REZ to Stake, and Confirm the transaction in your wallet

Once your transaction has been processed and confirmed on-chain, you can track your position on the Stake $REZ page of the Renzo dapp.

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