Liquidity Migration Arbitrum

For existing PT/YT holders, no action needed. The same PT/YT can be traded in the new pool as per normal.

To Pendle LPs of ezETH-PT, please migrate your liquidity to the new pools linked below:

Here's the steps for migration

Step 1. Remove liquidity from the Old Pool manually

You should expect to get back ezETH and PT-ezETH.

Step 2. Deposit "Dual Liquidity" into the New Pool

This will use your existing ezETH and PT-ezETH balance from your earlier withdrawal. However, after adding liquidity you should still have some PT remaining. You can either:

  • Hold PT to maturity, and/or;

  • Zap PT into the respective new pool

For the latter, be sure to double-check the price impact.

See the full announcement from @pendle_fi

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