Is ezETH purchased on a DEX qualified to earn EigenLayer points and ezPoints?

Yes, ezETH accumulates EigenLayer Points and ezPoints at a 1:1 ratio regardless of where it is held. However, EigenLayer Points only accumulate on the ezETH portion of your DEX LP.

Do LPs earn EigenLayer Points 1:1?

No, users earn EigenLayer points on the ezETH portion of their DEX LP, and they earn 2x ezPoints on their entire LP position.

What is the boosted amount of ezPoints available to DEX LPs?

Users who supply liquidity to the ezETH/WETH 50/50 Balancer Pool or the PT-ezETH/SY Pendle Pool receive 2x ezPoints Boosted.

For EigenLayer Restaking points, the pool can only accumulate 1 point per hour per ezETH in the pool. This will get redistributed pro-rata to the LPs.

For Renzo ezPoints, LPs receive 2x the value in the pool per hour. The pool will accumulate 2 points per ezETH or wETH per hour held in the pool. This will get redistributed pro-rata to the LPs.

Are DEX LPs getting a 3x boost in total for providing LP on balancer?

No, LP’s receive a 2x boost on ezPoints for every hour they hold 1 ETH in LP plus any added boost on the underlying ezETH.

Do EigenLayer and Renzo points accrue when LP is unstaked and/or staked?

No matter where ezETH is held, it accrues EigenLayer and ezPoints, if ezETH is unstaked or staked, rewards still follow the ezETH.

How do I earn veBAL or incentives on the ezETH/WETH pool as an Liquidity Provider?

LPs looking to earn veBAL protocol emissions (BAL + stablecoins) are required to stake their LP tokens in exchange for BPTs (Balancer Pool Tokens). These tokens represent the underlying LP position (ezETH/WETH).

Staking LP tokens on the ezETH/WETH pool begins January 24th, 2024. APYs will be calculated and presented through the Balancer front end.

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