Layer 2 FAQ

Can I earn ezPoints and EigenLayer points by holding ezETH on L2s? Yes, anywhere you hold ezETH you will accumulate both ezPoints and EigenLayer points

Am I eligible to receive referral points for referring a user who deposits on an L2? Yes, however referral tracking for L2 deposits will not be triggered until an initial deposit is made on Ethereum Mainnet by the referred user.

Make sure the user you referred deposits their ETH on Mainnet before depositing ETH anywhere else to ensure Renzo ezPoints are tracking and you are receiving your referral rewards

Will I receive the 100 ezPoints boost if I restake ETH natively on the L2?

Yes, users who deposit on any of the L2s that are integrated with Renzo will receive the 100 ezPoints boost until April 3rd, at 00:00.

What chains can I Natively Restake ETH?

  • Arbitrum

  • BNB Chain

  • Mode Network

  • Linea

What bridges is Renzo integrated with to enable L2 Native Restaking

Renzo has partnered with Connext to enable L2 Native Restaking across several chains, learn more about the Connext integration in L2 Native Restaking

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