ezETH is the liquid restaking token representing a user’s restaked position at Renzo. Users can deposit native ETH or LSTs and receive ezETH.


  • ezETH is a reward bearing token similar to cTokens

  • The underlying restaking positions earn rewards which are reflected in the price of ezETH

    • Rewards are expected in ETH, USDC and Actively Validated Services (AVSs) reward tokens.

  • This means the value ezETH increase relative to the underlying LSTs as it earns more rewards in AVS tokens

  • To mint ezETH, simply go to the renzoprotocol.com/restake and stake your ETH or LSTs


  • Depending on the restaking strategies deployed, unstaking will take a minimum of 7 days, primarily due to EigenLayer unstaking requirements, but will vary depending on each AVS.

  • If the deposits and withdrawals are balanced, the rewards are equally distributed regardless of the asset being withdrawn.

  • If the deposits and withdrawals are unbalanced, while the principal will be withdrawn in whole the rewards are different for each asset incentivizing the balance based on the jump rate model


  • Please note, ezETH withdrawals are not enabled. You are encouraged to supply liquidity or sell ezETH on Balancer, that offers a superior mechanism to convert ezETH into ETH for most cases. Visit the ezETH/WETH Balancer Pool.


  • Renzo passes 100% of any EigenLayer rewards

  • The fees will be split between protocol reserves (treasury) and Renzo node operators

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